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UN Global Compact Network Portugal

At a global scale, the UN Global Compact organizes itself into 70 local networks. These structures operationalize, locally, the strategy of the UN Global Compact through campaigns and global programmes adapted to each country reality and context.

The Global Compact Network Portugal (GCNP) is the UN Global Compact Portuguese network, gathering the UN Global Compact participants with headquarters and operations in Portugal. It started with informal meetings with Portuguese signatory companies from the UN Global Compact, in 2006, and was formally constituted in 2009.

The organizations with headquarters in a country and with operations in several geographies may integrate the UN Global Compact local networks of the countries where they operate, maximizing their positive impact in the society, economy and environment.

The local networks have a key role at a local level and are a crucial part in the development strategy of the UN Global Compact. Their work of sharing knowledge and methodologies in (and between) projects, programmes and tools contributes to the development of intersectoral initiatives for the action, defense and disclosure of the United Nations targets.

The GCNP doesn’t have legal personality, being supported by the Portuguese Association for Business Ethics (APEE), working with full autonomy and being governed according to its own Regulation.

The Global Compact Network Portugal (GCNP) is the Portuguese network of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), which brings together participants of the initiative based or operating in Portugal.

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